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November 1, 2018

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May 24, 2018

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Control through your smart phone or tablet - and yes, now even through your voice.  


Sure, we have all seen the commercials.  A happy family telling a glowing device on their coffee table to order and pizza and turn down the lights.


Well, voice control over your home may be new, but it is ready for the real world - at least up to a point.  You still require a home control system for the voice commands to manage.  When you say, "Turn up the temperature", you still need a system to tell the smart thermostat what to do.  And, because homes are noisy and there is nothing more annoying than saying something over and over while your systems does the wrong thing (I mean, how often does our dictation app in our smart phone apps get 'four' and 'for' mixed up?), it is still more useful most of the time to have a physical thing to push on your remote, your iPhone or your tablet as a backup.


For more information on voice activated controls or other technologies that are now available, go to www.elanhomesystems.com, or email me directly at rickakins@brightlifetech.com.

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