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February 14, 2018

High Fives Non-Profit Foundation Supports Injured Athletes in ELAN-Controlled Recovery Gym




PETALUMA, CALIFORNIA, January 24, 2017 —  After aspiring professional skier Roy Tuscany had an accident that left him paralyzed from the waist down, his community flooded him with financial and emotional support. After years of various forms of treatment, Roy Tuscany defied medical odds when he stood up and walked out of the hospital. Following his astonishing recovery, he made it his mission to “pay-it-forward” with the creation of The High Fives Non-Profit Foundation: a provider of resources and inspiration for athletes with life-altering injuries.


“When I was paralyzed, I had to lean on my friends and family for donations. Thanks to them, I was able to focus entirely on walking again at the best rehab facility,” Tuscany explains. “Many injured athletes don’t have the same resources that I had. That’s why I created the High Fives Foundation. Our support offers grants for procedures and treatments not covered by insurance. We also provide an established community with a recovery gym in Truckee, California, that’s available for their use.”


To operate and manage the facility remotely, Tuscany had each employee install the ELAN App on their smartphone. “It’s really helpful and convenient for the staff to be able to control the space remotely,” Tuscany said. “Our on-site physical therapists can turn on the heat in their rooms an hour before they arrive for their first session. They can also turn on the lights in the morning from their cars. Not only is it helpful for the athletes, but it’s a game-changer for our staff.”


Tuscany encourages each recovering athlete to download the ELAN App on their smartphones as well, so that the control is as simple as reaching into their own pockets. Now, they have a way to manage the audio, video, temperature and lighting within the gym without interrupting their exercise to request a change. “It’s awesome for athletes to be able to control the music or the video in the area that they’re working out in,” Tuscany said. “Music can be a real motivator. It’s a huge part of the recovery process and I’m so happy to be able to give them that control.”


To guarantee total control of the televisions, Carlsen and his team also revamped, upgraded, and expanded the gym’s video system. Carlsen installed three additional flat panel TVs with an Apple TV console, all of which are controlled by ELAN. “An athlete can use the ELAN App to change what's on the television they are watching," he added.  


Carlsen also installed several security cameras and integrated them into the ELAN system so that Tuscany can check on the facility remotely. It enables them to manage and view camera feeds and ensure that the facility is safe and sound at all times. “We installed multiple surveillance cameras and hooked them up to the ELAN App,” he added. “Roy doesn’t have to be physically at the gym to see that everything is going smoothly!”







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